Enchroma colour blind glasses

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Enchroma colour blind glasses

Finally……these colour vision glasses have made it to the UK and Ireland. I’ve seen people receive these tinted lenses as presents in the States and thought, WOW, they look amazing.

We seem to the first stockist on the island.

How it works, simply get in touch with us and we will do a colour vision assessment. To determine your type and level of colour deficiency.

We have a stock of different filters, so we can let you try the appropriate one and see what you think!

The lens is a filter and helps people see colours that they have never seen before.

There is a sunglass level which creates a greater contrast in colours which is the most popular and also a lighter tint lens which can be used inside for reading/office work.

We can also have your prescription built into new glasses if you need it.

Check out some of the videos on the Enchroma website for more info.

Please get in touch 02870342624 or coleraine@johnlaverty.co.uk