The Cork to Causeway Cycle Challenge

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The Cork to Causeway Cycle Challenge

What are you up to?

So it’s now official, my dad and I are planning to cycle from Cork to The Giants Causeway to raise money for a couple of very worthy causes.

We will set off on the 1st of September 2021 and head north, and we wont stop cycling north until we see Bushmills and the Giants Causeway.


Good question, we have been known to cycle up to 100 miles for charity in the past, but since the last year has been tipped upside down I thought we could push ourselves further while still doing it all for chairty. My dad is the director of Smaritans in Coleraine and like so many other charities have had their donations dramatically reduced due to COVID. So some money will be heading towards people who have been struggling for whatever reason in the local area.

The second charity is to help people who are visually impaired, people like John Nicholl who live in Ballymoney and has been raising money to buy a braille computer. We hope to be able to add some funds to that and help John connect to the digital world. A simple thing that we all take for granted if we have good vision.

How far is it?

It will be close to 400 miles, and that is with no pit stops for coffee!

Do you have a padded saddle?

Yes I do, very comfy indeed, we will be in the saddle for 8 hours a day, for up to 4 days!

This is our donation page and however BIG or small your donation we promise it will all go to a good cause and any expenses that we incur in our challenge will be paid for by us.


I hope to post some updates of our cycle in Facebook and Instagram once we are underway.

Thanks for reading

Brian and David McKeown