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Virtual Styling

I never like to say “no” or “can’t” and I challenge my staff to think the same way.

We were in the middle of lockdown and I get a message that one of my friends wee boys is short sighted and needs his first pair of glasses. All their local Opticians are closed pretty much and the choice is very limited.

”Normal” is out the window at the moment so I set up a video call with Finn and his mum. I needed to show him what frames we’ve got that would fit him well, help him see better and the toughest part of the puzzle, convince a 6 year old that wearing glasses is cool.

Fortunately our Roald Dahl frames were a big hit. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was mentioned and a little smile appeared. Finn choose a couple of beautiful frames and some stylish sunglasses. I brought my son into work with me as a live model so Finn could see what the glasses looked like and check things out for size. I think the icing on the cake was the fact that the cleaning cloth was the “golden ticket”,
so come chocolate was sneaked into his case too.

We got the lenses made up and couriered his glasses to him (plus some stickers and a cleaning spray).

You can see from the pictures that despite not being able to come in to see us, we managed to make a little boy happy, and that’s what it’s all about.

If you are isolating and would like a virtual styling consultation just give us a ring.